Thank you!

Today, I decided randomly to check my blog stats.


Ever since I posted this article, the views and comments on my blog have been booming. It is truly, truly humbling and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I read “6 reasons to NOT send your daughter to college,” I was angry. I was sad. I felt hurt. It felt like a personal attack on my sister, my mother, my friends, my cousins, and me. Independent women, many of whom are living devout Catholic lives, who went to school simply for a love of learning. That’s why I’m in school. Because I want to know more. I want to learn about the world I live in, about the people who surround me, about my faith and my Church. I’m not here for a career. I’m majoring in English and Theology, neither of those are in the least bit practical.

I believe I am a feminist. I’m against birth control, and abortion, and a lot of other things secular feminists say are “women’s rights,” but I believe that God made men and women equal. Not the same, but equal in their dignity. Everyone deserves an education, regardless of their gender roles.

Again, thank you, and God bless you.

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