50 Ways to Talk to God


The other day, I randomly came upon an article with 50 ways to talk to God. They were interesting ways, creative ways, ways to really  get personal in prayer. I’ve tried a few and am planning on trying a few others. Here are my favorites:

1. Close your eyes and just repeat the name of Jesus.
5. Pray the news. Beg mercy for sinners, healing for the infirm, justice and peace and God’s will in all things.
9. Pray the Our Father slowly. Take ten minutes to pray it once.
10. Ask the Blessed Mother to hold your hand and walk you to Jesus.
26. Talk to a friend about your relationship with Jesus. Sometimes talking about God becomes talking to God.

31. Do something mindlessly physical while you pray–run or crochet or paint a wall. Engaging your body can make it easier to surrender your mind.
37. Offer each day–all prayers and sacrifices and blessings–for a specific person.
38. Do 15 minutes of spiritual reading. Spend 15 minutes talking to God about it.
47. Pray a scriptural rosary.

These are just a few of my favorites! Go over to Pierced Hands to see all fifty and pick out your favorites!


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