An Ice Curse and Depression


So… maybe I just read into everything too much… but I’m an English major, so it’s bound to happen anyway 😛

Tonight I saw Frozen, and I saw a bunch of similarities between Elsa’s ice curse and my depression. Elsa locked herself up because if she didn’t, she could hurt people. She hid what was holding her back. I’ve done similar things because of my depression. 

Elsa locked herself away from her sister and everyone else, to protect them from her curse. Anna, her younger sister, would knock at her door and ask her to come out, to play with her, to be her friend. But Elsa hid. I’ve had countless of experiences similar to that, where my sister would tell me she loved me, that she wanted to talk to me, and I would lock myself away. 

At the end, Elsa realizes that love overpowers her curse, not a romantic love, but the love that she has for her sister, Anna. The love I feel for my family and friends, and the love they feel for me in return, is the only thing that helps me get through the day when I’m struggling with depression. 

Like Elsa, I can either choose to let my depression hold me back and control me, or I can use it to my advantage and make a difference. 

Stupid Disney. Making me cry and look at my life and actions differently. Isn’t this supposed to be a cute kids movie?!

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