On Papa Frank


Focus & Claire-ity

Could we talk about Pope Francis for a second? Because the dude seems real popular right now. I tend to have an aversion to those kind of “everyone-likes-them” people. I like my crowd a little rough around the edges. Jaywalks and sometimes eats dessert after breakfast, you know. Rebellious sorts.

I got my hair cut on Friday (went in planning to go short, came out blonder and just as long? Riddle me that) and my hair stylist casually goes, “I’m Mormon? But I like your Pope.” He also just won Time’s Person Of The Year, if you’ve been living under a rock. Everyone’s talking about the Pope.

I run in a very Catholic circle. Catholic missionaries, they tend to care about things like the Pope. Something that’s made me giggle is how annoyed everyone is with the media. Like Dan Rather’s out there shouting lies about the vicar of Christ…

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