He Gives and Takes Away.

In less than ten years, my parish has had five pastors. Yesterday, our fourth officially stepped down as pastor and moved to another parish where he will be an assistant.

Each pastor who has been at my church has touched my life and helped me see Jesus in ways I had never seen Him before. Especially Father Murphy.

Father Murphy was installed as pastor when I was sixteen or seventeen. It was around the time I was hospitalized for the last time for self harm, and began attending public school after being homeschooled for my entire life. I was confused about my faith, and Father Murphy made me sure again. In the confessional, at the pulpit, when he prayed so devoutly before mass in the pews, just… everywhere.

Although I am heartbroken to be losing his holy man of God, I feel so blessed that God allowed Father Murphy to play such a big part in my life. I feel comfort in knowing that now, another door will open for Father Murphy, and he will help someone else find God who needs it as much as I did four years ago.

Our Lady of Knock, pray for us.

Our Lady of Peace, pray for us.

Me, Father Murphy, my sister Sarah, and Momma Mary. 🙂

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