Daily Smash Book: 9.20.13

Listening – Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

Eating – cherry coke, fries and a chicken wrap.

Wearing – skinny jeans and a striped purple henley

Feeling – content.

Weather – 76 degrees and sunny

Wanting – it to be 8pm

Thinking – meh

Enjoying – Dinner

Mass? – no

Gym – no

Favorite part of today so far – I’m excited for tonight.

Daily Smash Book: 9.19.13

Listening – to I Will Wait (live) by Mumford and Sons

Eating – just ate a mint chocolate chip milkshake and fries

Wearing – black flats, skinny jeans and a purple tee.

Feeling – content.

Weather -60 degrees and clear

Wanting – more milkshake

Thinking – meh

Enjoying – Drop Dead Diva

Mass? – no

Gym – no

Favorite part of today so far – MILKSHAKEEE

Daily Smash Book: 9.17.13

Listening – to Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Eating – nothing

Wearing – silver flip flops, skinny jeans, black blouse and my blue Mount hoodie.

Feeling – restless

Weather -64 degrees and sunny

Wanting – my packages to arrive

Thinking – meh

Enjoying – Mumford and Sons 

Mass? – no

Gym – no

Favorite part of today so far – pumpkin spice latte

Daily Smash Book – 9.10.13

Listening – to Andy’s Birthday from Toy Story

Eating – cookies

Wearing – black flats, jeans, and my “Keep Calm and Mount Up” shirt. Also my St. Christopher Alex & Ani.

Feeling – tired.

Weather – 79 degrees and clear

Wanting – nothing.

Thinking – about what I need to do.

Enjoying – playing candy crush

Mass? – no

Gym – no

Favorite part of today so far – First Bible Study!

Daily Smash Book – 9.9.13

Listening – to the buzzing of the A/C.

Eating – hummus and pretzels

Wearing – skinny jeans, black flats, and my Mount SEEK shirt.

Feeling – hungry…

Weather – 68 degrees and cloudy

Wanting – to be done with classes.

Thinking – I need to step up my game.

Enjoying – meh.

Mass? – no

Gym – after classes with Gianna

Favorite part of today so far – getting a package with stuff from Rome and London from my Texan bestie ❤

Daily Smash Book: 9.6.13

Listening – to Only Prettier (Piano color)

Eating – drinking ice water with lemon and cucumber

Wearing – blue striped Henley with a ribbed blue tank under it, skinny jeans, and nude flats.

Feeling – peaceful

Weather – 78 degrees and sunny

Wanting – to feel more determined

Thinking – that I’m ridiculously blessed 🙂

Enjoying – Life

Mass? – nope

Gym – Not yet, going soon.

Favorite part of today so far – watching Hannah Montana…

Daily Smash Book: 8.31.13

Listening – to the Braveheart soundtrack

Eating – nothing, getting ready to go to dinner

Wearing – my gray yoga pants, a pink tank, and a blue tank layered over that.

Feeling – hungry

Weather – 85 degrees and partly cloudy

Wanting – to receive a responding text

Thinking – that it’s only the second week of school, and I’ve a l r e a d y fallen behind in homework.

Enjoying – Once Upon a Time

Mass? – nope

Gym – Yes, this afternoon. Used the elliptical for 20 minutes while watching Once Upon a Time.

Favorite part of today so far – today has been pretty unexciting. I’ve been doing homework all day. I’m really excited about tonight, however. 🙂 Bingo and Foam Party at the FOCUS house! 🙂

Daily Smash Book: 8.30.13

Listening – to Shrek and the crickets outside my window

Eating – just drank a nice mug of Vanilla Creme Brulee coffee 🙂

Wearing – my blue dress

Feeling – at peace.

Weather – 74 degrees and fair

Wanting – More coffee…

Thinking – that it’s time to rewatch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Enjoying – Shrek

Mass? – nope

Gym – Yes, this morning with the roommate.

Favorite part of today so far – Now. 🙂

Daily Smash Book – 8.18.13 (on 8.19)

Listening – to Arrested Development on Netflix

Eating – drinking cranberry raspberry juice

Wearing – purple shorts with pink stripes and an old Twilight shirt

Feeling – nervous and stressed

Weather – 68 degrees and partly cloudy

Wanting – Someone to pack for me.

Thinking – that I suck at packing.

Enjoying – watching Arrested Development

Mass? – Nope, went last night at Fan the Fire

Gym – No.

Favorite part of today so far – Going shopping at Target with Gina

Daily Smash Book – 8.14.13

Listening – to Ripper Street on Netflix

Eating – just ate a Thai food smart ones frozen meal

Wearing – black workout pants, a pink tank and a blue patterned tank layered over.

Feeling – Hungry, even though I j u s t ate

Weather – 76 degrees and fair

Wanting – Roxie to snuggle with me 😦

Thinking – that I should probably start packing for school…

Enjoying – watching TV… nice and relaxing.

Mass? – Yep! With Dan, Andrew, Julia, Sarah, Alyssa, Caroline, Quinn and Michelle.

Gym – Yes, with Sarah and Michelle

Favorite part of today so far – Just sitting and watching TV (Ripper Street, Scrubs, and now Downton Abbey)