Daily Smash Book – 8.13.13

Listening – to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix

Eating – just ate some plantain chips and drank some diet coke.

Wearing – denim bermuda shorts and a white Harry Potter t-shirt

Feeling – excited that my birthday’s in a week!

Weather -74 degrees and partly cloudy

Wanting – it to be Thursday so I can go to Lake Compounce with my friends!

Thinking – that I should get some food soon.

Enjoying – life

Daily Smash Book – 8.11.13

Listening – to Once Upon a Time on Netflix

Eating – actually, drinking diet coke.

Wearing – one piece black halter swimsuit with jean bermuda shorts and a purple Steubenville East ’09 shirt over it.

Feeling – content

Weather -73 degrees and cloudy

Wanting – to binge eat. but i know i shouldn’t. cuz i didn’t do so well on my WW points for the last few days

Thinking – about my incredible night last night (pictures to come!)

Enjoying – Catching up on Once Upon a Time with my sister.