When I was in adoration  last night, I was praying for certain things I wanted. A few weeks ago, God revealed to me that it was not time for me to really seriously discern my vocation, because He wanted me to focus on my life in the present, and aim for heaven in my every day actions in the now.

This bothered me, because I want to know my calling right. now. I told God this, and He told me that He’d let me know when it was time.

So, I’ve been praying that He would help me focus on what I am called to do now. Last night, this prayer was in my head.

I don’t know my path, but You do. You’re walking it with me, holding my hand, guiding me.

You are behind me, reminding me not to look back.

You are at the end of the path, reminding me to aim for greatness.

The path becomes crooked and goes uphill sometimes, support me and encourage me.

The path will hit a fork in the road. Don’t let go of my hand, lead me down the one that reaches heaven.

People will join me on my journey, people meant to be there. They may help me to my final destination, or they may hurt me, and try to convince me to take another path. No matter what, they are meant to journey with me.

Our paths may cross for a short while, or a long time. I may not like having them there, or may cry as we go our separate ways.

If all of my companions leave and I feel despair and unable to see in the dark, shine Your light, so that I may be able to see that you are still behind, ahead and next to me.

Set the pace. Don’t let me walk any slower or faster than I am supposed to, for I may get hurt.

If I feel the weight of my cross on my back, encourage me, because in suffering we find grace. You are on the cross.