“I will learn to love the skies I’m under.”

They just crack me up

I have a confession… I’m a poser. I printed out the above lyrics from pinterest to put on my wall, with only the knowledge that they were from a Mumford and Sons song. I didn’t know which one because, well… I only knew a few Mumford and Sons songs.

Today, I looked up at the quote, and it gave me hope. I smiled as I realized that the lyrics could fit into one of my favorite Mumford and Sons songs, “Hopeless Wanderer”, and sang it in my head. It fit eerily well, so I googled the lyrics and lo and behold, they were from “Hopeless Wanderer”. I first heard about the song when my friend Kristen told me about her blog, which is titled “Hopeful Wanderer” (go read it. She’s fabulous.) after the song. Later that day, I read that the music video had been announced and that Will Forte, Jason Sudiekis, Ed Helms, and Jason Bateman were all in it. As a fan of all of them, I was giddy with excitement and watched the video and laughed and fell in love.

Then my friend said that she was disappointed in the video. “What?! What is wrong with you?! Are you crazy?! It’s the best video ever!!” <— that was my response. Then she told me why she didn’t like it.

The song had struck a chord with her, and the lyrics had truly inspired her. She said that the video was very funny, and that she did really like it, but in a way, it ruined the song and lyrics for her. She told me to listen to the song without watching the video. Today, I finally did. “I will learn to love the skies I’m under”. That lyric struck me. What? How do you love the sky? It’s… the sky. I thought about it, and I came to this conclusion: The sky changes.

Every day it’s a different shade of blue. Some days, it’s so beautiful, and makes you so excited to face the day! Some days, it looks kind of scary and dismal, and makes you want to crawl back into your safe, warm bed. Such is life. Some days, your surroundings will be awesome! Grand! Everything going well for you! And then the next… Well, it’s so bad that you forget you ever had a good day. The lyrics are saying that we should learn to love life, no matter how awful it seems. Because it changes. No matter what, the sky isn’t constant, and neither is life. We can’t predict what’s going to happen, and sometimes, we’ll be prepared for another type of sky. I can’t be the only one who’s stepped out into the cold rain in shorts and flip flops.

I will learn to love the skies I’m under. I will learn to love my life.

Daily Smash Book – 8.18.13 (on 8.19)

Listening – to Arrested Development on Netflix

Eating – drinking cranberry raspberry juice

Wearing – purple shorts with pink stripes and an old Twilight shirt

Feeling – nervous and stressed

Weather – 68 degrees and partly cloudy

Wanting – Someone to pack for me.

Thinking – that I suck at packing.

Enjoying – watching Arrested Development

Mass? – Nope, went last night at Fan the Fire

Gym – No.

Favorite part of today so far – Going shopping at Target with Gina