Daily Smash Book: 8.31.13

Listening – to the Braveheart soundtrack

Eating – nothing, getting ready to go to dinner

Wearing – my gray yoga pants, a pink tank, and a blue tank layered over that.

Feeling – hungry

Weather – 85 degrees and partly cloudy

Wanting – to receive a responding text

Thinking – that it’s only the second week of school, and I’ve a l r e a d y fallen behind in homework.

Enjoying – Once Upon a Time

Mass? – nope

Gym – Yes, this afternoon. Used the elliptical for 20 minutes while watching Once Upon a Time.

Favorite part of today so far – today has been pretty unexciting. I’ve been doing homework all day. I’m really excited about tonight, however. 🙂 Bingo and Foam Party at the FOCUS house! 🙂

Daily Smash Book – 8.11.13

Listening – to Once Upon a Time on Netflix

Eating – actually, drinking diet coke.

Wearing – one piece black halter swimsuit with jean bermuda shorts and a purple Steubenville East ’09 shirt over it.

Feeling – content

Weather -73 degrees and cloudy

Wanting – to binge eat. but i know i shouldn’t. cuz i didn’t do so well on my WW points for the last few days

Thinking – about my incredible night last night (pictures to come!)

Enjoying – Catching up on Once Upon a Time with my sister.