What Would I Say Vol. 2

Volume 1 can be found here!



I don’t think I’ll ever be mature enough to not need a babysitter, TBH.



Once upon a Time, Bridgeport, Connecticut had a tornado. Because of that, it became the new Kansas. Or something.



LOL what this doesn’t even make sense but okay.



Yes. Yes they did.


This is basically what should be happening on Christmas Eve Eve. If it’s not, you’re doing something wrong.


What Would I say vol. 1

If you have a facebook, you’ve probably heard of “What would I say”, a website that generates a status based on your past statuses. I’m one of those people who LOVE this website and am so excited that it seemingly never fails to make me laugh. Here are five quality statuses.


I guess that this is what I say whenever I live through a Monday. I MADE IT.


Yes. please deal with Catholicism. 


This sounds like the most romantic date e v e r.


I guess I’ve been watching too much Sherlock with Cumberbatch and not enough Sherlock Holmes with Downey.


LOL. Okay.


What are some of the ones you’ve gotten?